Health Screening
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Whatever your needs we aim to work in partnership with you.

Health Screening
For Individuals

We aim to provide you with vital information
about your health risks.

Age Screening

Assessing arterial stiffness with modern technology.

Working in partnership with individuals and companies to maximise health: a choice of services at realistic costs.

Health Screening Today aim to prevent and identify disorders without signs or symptoms enabling earlier and easier treatments. As such we provide health and wellbeing services that are both professional and personal: engaging with people. 

We focus on heart attack, stroke, and diabetes as these are the most common diseases that affect health today and in many cases can be prevented or treated with lifestyle changes such as diet, increased exercise and weight loss or through a simple course of medication (see our information leaflets).

New estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC 2013) indicate that one-quarter of all deaths from heart disease and stroke are preventable - and half of those deaths are under 65years of age.

We can help. Whilst some of the risk factors such as age, gender, ethnicity can’t be changed, many other risk factors can. People who take physical activity, eat and drink healthily and do not smoke are much less likely to develop illhealth. Early action can improve your chance of a healthier, longer life. Small changes can make a difference.

With Health Screening Today, screening is quick, easy and convenient. We assess individual risk either at home or in the workplace and offer appropriate advice. See our services and price list for details: